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Rhinoplasty Overview of Procedure, Recovery, and More


Rhinoplasty, also known as "nose job", is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure that functionally and aesthetically shapes the nose and gives it a new look.

This surgery includes interventions in the tissues of the nose where bones and cartilages are located. The nose is one of the most noticeable areas on a face. Even small touches made here can have great effects on a patient’s life. With the help of developments in the medical world in recent years, such operations can be performed much more easily and comfortably.

Nose aesthetics basically has 2 different approaches open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. People with curvature or dislocation in the bone of the nose, with an excessively large nose or asymmetry may be candidates for rhinoplastyFurthermore, some individuals with a normal nasal structure also desire nose augmentation.


What are the Types of Rhinoplasty?


In addition to the two approaches generally preferred by plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasty surgery, there are also different types of this operation. These can be preferred in various cases according to the wishes and needs of the patients. One of these is called liquid rhinoplasty. It is preferred if the patient does not have a serious deformity in the nose. Dermal filler is used during the procedure and it is a kind of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

The Piezo method is also one of them and also called ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Such non-surgical procedures stand out as an extremely comfortable option, especially in cases that are not difficult such as low nasal tip, contour problems, wrinkles, and nasal flatness. Many patients prefer such operations since they are simple and fast procedures. Hyaluronic acid is used as a filler in these medical applications.

In addition, there is a type of operation called ethnic rhinoplasty. The aim here is to perform interventions by preserving the dominant characteristics of the race of the people. Various techniques are used to achieve the desired appearance of the patient. It should not be confused with revision rhinoplasty, which is performed in cases where the first surgery is not sufficient.


How is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?


Performing rhinoplasty surgery starts with the approach chosen by the surgeon. If open rhinoplasty is to be performed, a tiny incision is made between the patient's nostrils. From here, the surgeon finds a viewing angle for themselves. It is a preferred method in cases with advanced deformity. The most important advantage is that it gives the specialist a wide angle of vision and thus increases mobility. The recovery period is relatively longer than the other technique.

In the closed method, the incision made remains inside the patient's nostrils. The main difference between the open method and the closed method is where the incisions are made. This method, which does not allow the surgeon to see much, has a shorter recovery time. Patients whose noses do not require much intervention are usually treated with this method. Open rhinoplasty operations performed under general anesthesia can take 3-4 hours on average. This is basically the answer to the question of how does rhinoplasty work.


Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty Surgery


There are some factors that determine the success and permanence of the results after the nose correction surgery, i.e. rhinoplasty. The experience of the surgeon and the quality of the facilities are as important as the things that patients should pay attention to during the recovery period. The first warning of many physicians specialized in this field to their patients is related to smoking. Cigarette smoke slows down the healing process and the nicotine in it damages the blood vessels. Alcohol is also one of the harmful habits like tobacco in this period.

Swelling and bruising seen after the surgery are natural. Considering the swelling levels of rhinoplasty, the patient is expected to completely get rid of these complaints within a few weeks. In addition, the person may experience some pain and sensitivity. It is important to use the medications prescribed by the specialist without interruption. Doctors ask their patients to stay away from intense physical activities for a while, to eat healthy and to aviod any damages on the face. Hot baths should also be avoided.

The exact implementation of the things to be considered here will be directly decisive on the rhinoplasty recovery time. These are also the actions that enable the person to achieve the best result. In addition, patients who are exposed to sunlight for a long time may have permanent color changes in the surgical areas. The tampon inserted during rhinoplasty surgery is removed after few days. In this process, it is necessary not to miss the follow-up appointments requested by the doctor.

Rhinoplasty cost varies depending on the experience of the surgeon, the method used, and the location of the clinic. By reaching Health International, you can have the best rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. For our support services, detailed information about the procedure, and more, please reach us via our contact details.

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