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Bed to Bed Journey with a private VIP shuttle service between trips from the airport, to the hospital and your hotel when you arrive to Istanbul, Turkey. A special designated Health Point is established at the Airport where your multilingual Patient Care Coordinator will be welcoming your arrival and assisting you until your return home.

In total there are 294 airports around the world that have direct flights to Istanbul, spread around 286 cities in 118 countries. Below are some flight travel times as a reference:
New York, USA 9h 35m
Houston, USA 11h 50m
Miami, USA 11h 15m
Los Angeles, USA 13h 0m
Chicago, USA 10h 30m
Washington, USA 9h 50m
San Francisco, USA 12h 55m
Atlanta, USA 10h 40m
Boston, USA 9h 20m
Tehran, Iran 3h 15m
Amsterdam, Netherlands 3h 25m
Dubai - United Arab Emirates 4h 35m
Beirut, Lebanon 2h 0m
Cairo, Egypt 2h 20m
Doha, Qatar 4h 20m
Baku, Azerbaijan 3h 5m
Frankfurt, Germany 3h 0m
Paris, France 3h 25m
Kyiv, Ukraine 2h 5m
Tbilisi, Georgia 2h 25m
Düsseldorf, Germany 3h 15m
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 2h 15m
Baghdad, Iraq 3h 0m
Brussels, Belgium 3h 20m
Erbil, Iraq 2h 40m
Northern Cyprus 1h 30m
Odesa, Ukraine 1h 25m
Amman, Jordan 2h 25m
Vienna, Austria 2h 15m
Berlin, Germany 2h 55m
Kuwait City, Kuwait 3h 45m
Zürich, Switzerland 2h 55m
Bucharest, Romania 1h 20m
Belgrade, Serbia 1h 45m
Copenhagen, Denmark 3h 10m
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 5h 45m
Minsk, Belarus 2h 35m
Lviv, Ukraine 2h 0m
Stockholm, Sweden 3h 30m
Cologne, Germany 3h 10m
Chișinău, Moldova 1h 25m
Munich, Germany 2h 40m
Stuttgart, Germany 2h 50m
Hamburg, Germany 3h 10m
London, United Kingdom 3h 45m
Kharkiv, Ukraine 2h 10m
Moscow, Russia 3h 10m
Pristina, Kosova 1h 35m
Hurghada, Egypt 2h 55m
Warsaw, Poland 2h 35m
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 5h 30m
Athens, Greece 1h 25m
Mulhouse, France 3h 0m
Geneva, Switzerland 3h 10m
Hanover, Germany 3h 5m
Madrid, Spain 4h 15m
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 2h 40m
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 5h 15m
Tunis, Tunisia 2h 45m
Lyon, France 3h 5m
Milan, Italy 2h 50m
Barcelona, Spain 3h 35m
Kabul, Afghanistan 5h 40m
Khartoum, Sudan 4h 10m
Rome, Italy 2h 40m
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 1h 55m
Sofia, Bulgaria 1h 30m
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates 4h 40m
Budapest, Hungary 2h 5m
Skopje, North Macedonia 1h 30m
Podgorica, Montenegro 1h 45m
Marseille, France 3h 10m
Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine 1h 55m
Tabriz, Iran 2h 45m
Abuja, Nigeria 6h 25m
Dhaka, Bangladesh 8h 35m
Alexandria, Egypt 2h 20m
Djibouti 5h 10m
Jakarta, Indonesia 11h 55m
Lagos, Nigeria 6h 40m
Manila, Philippines 12h 15m
Prague, Czechia 2h 40m
Tirana, Albania 1h 35m
Gothenburg, Sweden 3h 25m
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 6h 5m
Sharjah - United Arab Emirates 4h 35m
Singapore 10h 55m
Toronto, Canada 9h 40m
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire 7h 10m
Accra, Ghana 6h 55m
Málaga, Spain 4h 25m
Bologna, Italy 2h 40m
Basrah, Iraq 3h 35m
Batumi, Georgia 2h 5m
Dushanbe, Tajikistan 5h 20m
Helsinki, Finland 3h 30m
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 2h 50m
Jeddah Saudi Arabia 3h 40m
Lisbon, Portugal 4h 45m
Manchester, United Kingdom 4h 5m
Muscat, Oman 5h 20m
Tripoli, Libya 3h 20m
Malta 2h 25m
Malé, Maldives 8h 10m
Nuremberg, Germany 2h 50m
Tokyo, Japan 12h 30m
Venice, Italy 2h 35m
Valencia, Spain 3h 45m
Vilnius, Lithuania 2h 40m
Zagreb, Croatia 2h 15m
Almaty, Kazakhstan 6h 0m
Bahrain 4h 20m
Cancún, Mexico 11h 55m
Dublin, Ireland 4h 25m
Entebbe, Uganda 6h 15m
Islamabad, Pakistan 6h 0m
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 11h 10m
Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan 5h 20m
Naples, Italy 2h 20m
Bamako, Mali 6h 45m
Caracas, Venezuela 11h 40m
Cluj-Napoca, Romania 1h 45m
Casablanca, Morocco 4h 35m
Cape Town, South Africa 10h 20m
Catania, Italy 2h 20m
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 7h 20m
Dakar, Senegal 6h 55m
Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa 7h 35m
Hong Kong 11h 15m
Isfahan, Iran 3h 40m
Johannesburg, South Africa 9h 35m
Kherson, Ukraine 1h 40m
Karachi, Pakistan 5h 45m
Lahore, Pakistan 6h 15m
Ljubljana, Slovenia 2h 20m
Luxembourg 3h 20m
Nairobi, Kenya 6h 40m
Nice, France 3h 0m
Niamey, Niger 5h 50m
Yaoundé, Cameroon 7h 5m
Panama City, Panama 12h 50m
Riga, Latvia 2h 55m
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 4h 0m
São Paulo, Brazil 12h 45m
Seoul, South Korea 11h 25m
Thessaloniki, Greece 1h 25m
Shiraz, Iran 4h 5m
Tallinn, Estonia 3h 15m
Toulouse, France 3h 30m
Taipei, Taiwan 12h 10m
Varna, Bulgaria 1h 5m
Montreal, Canada 9h 5m
Vancouver, Canada 11h 30m
Algiers, Algeria 3h 25m
Banjul, Gambia 6h 55m
Bangkok, Thailand 10h 10m
Douala, Cameroon 6h 55m
Grozny, Russia 2h 40m
Turkistan, Kazakhstan 5h 15m
Mashhad, Iran 4h 30m
Najaf, Iraq 3h 15m
Nouakchott, Mauritania 6h 25m
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 5h 25m
Urmia, Iran 2h 35m
Porto, Portugal 4h 40m
Oslo, Norway 3h 50m
Mahé, Seychelles 7h 40m
Strasbourg, France 3h 5m
Asmara, Eritrea 4h 30m
Birmingham, United Kingdom 3h 55m
Guangzhou, China 11h 15m
Dammam Saudi Arabia 4h 0m
Kathmandu, Nepal 8h 0m
Ganja, Azerbaijan 2h 40m
Libreville, Gabon 7h 55m
Medina Saudi Arabia 3h 20m
Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan 2h 45m

Patients have the ability to choose their destination within the Acibadem Healthcare Group, may it be Turkey, Amsterdam-Holland, Bulgaria, Macedonia or Serbia with access to regions where Asia’s #1 private healthcare group, IHH, is located.

With over 2 million medical tourists, Turkey is ranked in the top 10 countries as a health tourism destination.  It offers accredited hospitals with the latest technologies, outstanding quality, affordable healthcare, world renowned hospitals with exceptionally skilled  medical practitioners, and a never ending list of touristic historical sites, coastal beaches, natural thermal springs, authentic art and culture with an inviting culinary experience.

One third of Turkey’s patients consist of medical tourists.  Some of the reasons behind Turkey’s popularity are:


  • Affordable healthcare system
  • High number of US-accredited hospitals
  • Most doctors have been educated or trained in Europe and the US
  • Savings up to 50% or more can be made when compared with other top destinations in the world


If this is not enough to pique interest for considering Turkey as your #Travel4Health destination, some other advantages are:


Turkey is a Bridge Between East and West


It is well-known that Turkey is the gateway and central hub for connecting the east with the west; easily creating accessibility from any continent allowing for further travels to other countries.

The Istanbul Airport is considered as one of the world’s largest which has the capacity to accommodate 200 million passengers annually with 300 direct flights worldwide.


Very Competitively Priced Surgical Operations


In general, surgeries in Turkey can be up to 90% cheaper, whereas approximately 70% of those who travel to Turkey for such procedures take advantage of this for their private hospital treatment.  This draws a clear picture of just how affordable and economical the offerings are in Turkey.  In terms of cosmetic surgery, there is a 70% price advantage when compared to most European countries.  Huge savings opportunities without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

For that additional savings boost, Turkish Airlines, which is a member of Star Alliance and consecutive winner of various Best Airline awards, provides an impressive special discount for medical travelers.  When taking into consideration the total expenses of the procedure, travel cost, accommodation and the advantageous exchange rates for shopping and dining, the overall cost is still much more advantageous when comparing the same procedure cost with most western countries.  Not to mention that you can make a holiday out of it as well!


Comprehensive Treatments


Some countries are specifically popular for a specific type of treatment, whereas Turkey is quite different.  Patients from around the world select Turkey as a health tourism destination for various treatment purposes, such as hair transplants, cancer treatments, dental, low-cost in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and aesthetic surgeries among many other acclaimed treatment offerings.


Quality Throughout


Tourism is a very important industry for Turkey which goes hand-in-hand with health tourism.  For this reason, the government is focused on developing and upgrading its health sector, ensuring that it stays at the very top of the industry.  The government adheres to a PPP Model (Public-Private Partnership) to improve the country’s healthcare infrastructure, whereas the private hospitals continuously invest heavily in enhancing their health facilities.  In addition to the investments, internationally educated and trained surgeons ensure the level of care is always at peak levels.


Minimal Waiting Times


Procedures can be scheduled in as early as two weeks.