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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) From Procedure to Recovery and Aftercare


In this content, there are answers to the questions of what Brazilian Butt Lift is, how it is done, and what should be done in the recovery and aftercare process after the BBL operation.

Brazilian butt lift, BBL for short, is one of the popular applications of recent years and attracts the attention of those who want to have a more voluminous and lifted butt. In the process of aesthetic surgery, the butt area is tightened, made more shaped and the butt height is improved. In addition to these physical aesthetic improvements, the surgery also helps people to strengthen their bond with their own bodies and increases self-confidence. These are roughly the answers to the question of what a bbl surgery is.


Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift


Before moving on to the BBL operation, methods, and stages, it may be good to mention the advantages of Brazilian butt aesthetics for those who are considering this application. The prominent advantages are below:


  • Butt fullness increases.
  • The shape of the butt improves.
  • Body proportion improves.
  • Excess fat in certain parts of the body is removed.
  • Self-confidence increases.


With BBL surgery, the buttock fullness of the patient increases. With fat transfer, fat is injected into the butt area, which makes the butt look fuller. A firmer, rounder, and lifted appearance is aimed at correcting the shape of the buttocks. By aiming to make the butt area look larger and the waist area thinner, more balanced body contours are achieved. Since fat is taken from certain parts of the patient’s body and injected into the butt area, both a thinner appearance and a more aesthetic appearance are obtained with the same operation.

Since all these procedures are related to the self-image of the person, it promise an increase in self-confidence. Thus, it is possible to feel better and happier in private life and social environments. In addition to all these, it should be noted that BBL is a serious operation and should be performed by specialist plastic surgeons in a sterile clinical environment.


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Processes


The BBL procedure is a combination of a series of processes. At each step, there are specialized physicians and health professionals to guide the patient. The process proceeds in 3 stages: preoperative, operative, and post-BBL care.

The center of all these steps is evaluation and decision-making. The steps of choosing an aesthetic surgeon, conducting hospital or clinic research, and explaining expectations to health professionals are vital for a successful outcome.


Preparation Process Before BBL


Before the Brazilian butt lift surgery, a detailed consultation is made with the doctor. In general, the following are completed:


  • Detailed information about the surgery
  • Having realistic expectations about the postoperative period
  • What to do before medical application
  • Reassessment and planning of regular medication, if any
  • Patient's preferences and anesthetic sensitivity testing
  • Procedures to be performed during the operation
  • Transfer of things to be considered after the procedure


How is BBL Surgery Performed?


BBL surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The first step is to give the patient anesthesia to prevent pain during the surgery. The doctor determines the small incisions to be made in the buttock area and the fat removal area, which is below the bikini line or between the buttock folds. The reason for strategically determining the incision site is to make the minor scars invisible. Next, the relationship between BBL and liposuction comes into play. Excess fat is removed from the waist or thigh area by liposuction method and these fats are injected into certain areas of the buttocks. Thus, the buttock fullness is increased and it is aimed to obtain a more shaped appearance. After fat injection to the buttocks, the surgical incisions are closed by suturing. The patient is dressed to reduce the risk of infection and the surgery ends.


Process After BBL


After BBL surgery, the patient may stay in the hospital for a few days. When the patient will be discharged from the hospital may vary depending on both the patient's current health condition and the decision of the healthcare professionals. The patient is also informed about the following issues:


  • Which physical movements should be performed and which should be avoided
  • Which medications should be used and how
  • What kind of diet should be applied
  • How to make a dressing
  • When should the first hospital visit be
  • When post-operative doctor visits should be made


BBL Surgery Recovery Process and Aftercare


The recovery process following the Brazilian butt lift begins after the operation. In the first days, there may be tenderness, pain, and swelling in the incision and liposuction areas. This is a normal side effect. Swelling will decrease over time. Pain is controlled with painkillers. You can stop using painkillers after the pain sensation disappears. Your doctor will ask you to use antibiotics. It is extremely important that you use all antibiotics at the right time and dose to prevent infection.

You will be asked to use a medical corset, regular dressing, and drainage area care. The drain can be removed 1 week or a few months after the operation. Detailed explanations will be explained to you after the examinations. If the physician recommends, it may be good to use supportive products such as BBL pillow. For a faster and more comfortable recovery, you should avoid physical movements that will strain the body and consume plenty of water to remove bruising and edema. You can apply special saline solutions and creams for wounds.

The healing process of BBL surgery varies from person to person, so it is not correct to give a clear recovery period. However, the patient will be able to sit after an average of 2 months. It is important to use a BBL pillow and not to sit for a long time. Following the physician's recommendations is essential for a successful outcome. Especially patients who are concerned about how long a Brazilian butt lift lasts should strictly follow the doctor's recommendations in this process.

If you want all processes from consultation to post-operative care to be pleasant, explanatory, and comfortable, you can contact Health International. We proudly bring you together with professional doctors and global healthcare standarts. You can also learn more about the Brazilian butt lift cost and the procedure.

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