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Reproductive Medicine & IVF

The Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Centers have assisted couples to become parents since 1998.  Each year, more than 15,000 families from all around the world fulfill their most precious dreams at the Healthcare Group, which provides a one-stop-solution for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).


Unlike conventional IVF clinics, the Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Centers provide a full-scope, 360-degree service to couples facing fertility difficulties, with a holistic approach of renowned specialists in all medical areas that a modern hospital can host, under a globally respected brand.  The latest medical and surgical treatments are utilized at the centers with a custom-made approach to each patient.  Advanced laboratory services greatly contribute to achieving the high success rates at the Centers, which are above the world’s average.


There are three main pillars which are essential for success in assisted reproduction:


  • A couple willing to conceive with their physical and emotional features
  • Physicians leading the reproductive treatment with their specific set of skills, knowledge and experience
  • State-of-the-art IVF laboratory with well-trained embryologists, biologists and devoted staff to ensuring that the miracle of life is being supported and nurtured daily.


Continuous investments in the latest technologies and equipment are being made within the Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Centers to enhance the effectiveness of fertility treatments even further.  With a number of leading physicians within their specific area of expertise, fertility patients have the opportunity to choose their trusted specialist according to their specific needs and personal preference.


The Healthcare Group provides:


  • Success rates above the world’s average for all age groups
  • Affordable prices with exceptional service
  • Service in your native language (fluent in 20 different languages)
  • Friendly environment where dreams come true

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